Behind Aidah Jewelry

Jewelry. So what is the point of it, really?! Most consider it a luxury, but somehow when studying human history, it is the Jewelry that is unearthed that tells us so much about our humanness and cultures. So why jewelry? What is it that causes us to feel special... to feel a bit royal... and connected to the eternal. Why does it carry such meaning that we're able to scrap and save up for that tiniest piece of gem and gold? Why does it mark the major moments in our lives, and even deaths.   

At Aidah (that's my daughter) Jewelry I just wanna be real.  I don't have the money to go buying whatever I want...I mean, we need toilet paper, and more toddler underwear, and I need to go get my organic grass fed non gmo non hormone fed pasture raised pampered beef to feed the little mouths that I love. But somehow, I also 'need' jewelry.  I can't quite start my day without choosing that piece my Father gave me for my 30th birthday, or the one that my grandmother wore on her pinky, or that covenant circle my husband gave me almost 16 years ago. And I want it made like it used to be made.  I want it to last so my daughters daughter can wear it one day. I want to feel like it represents in its quality, craftsmanship, human imprint and beauty, just how worthy and loved I really am by reminding me just who gave it to me, and just who loves me that day... even if I gave it to myself.  

Ask me anything you want about it... and if i don't know the answer I'll spend the day finding out. Its my passion. Besides God, my husband and my four beautiful babes it is what I live and breath. I love and will never find the end of the meanings and depth of parables involving jewelry and I hope to shed a little bit of that light on the world around me.

Welcome to my world. I hope you find something that brings you a little spark of joy and reminds you that you are worthy; adored and adorned.  


Lindsey Cates (wife, mother, designer & owner)