We either love it or hate it.......that feeling first thing Monday morning just before our eyes pop open....and whether you're hopping up with your list of week's to-dos or rolling back over stuffing that down back around your head its OK!!! We were meant to get so much balance from each other....and not one of us has the market cornered on the right way to do this thing called LIFE! All we need do is be who we the do-er we are, or the rest-er and get more resting and doing from those of us that have more of the other :) Speaking of which, I've been caffeine, fresh Spring air amped since 8 o'clock (no I'm not that 6 am hit the ground running do-er) and its going on 1:27 and I realize I may need to take my rpm's down a bit or I will completely run OUT by the time I need to be putting food on 6 people's plates.  So what would some advice be from some of you that may have the 'rest' more mastered as to what I should do this time of the day!....when all i REALLY want to do is keep creating, learn something new about ancient jewelry, figure out another setting to remake that clients God awful 80s ring I haven't told is God awful yet...and MAYBE even God forbid I have another coffee...oh and that house we are about to buy and GUT and renovate...the tile and fixtures and paint and windows.....somebody take my computer so I can't consider scrolling Pinterest resting!  Oh help.  I do love work. Possibly too how then do we rest.  However God Himself rested 1 whole 7th of the time it took to create all that we see around us! Well I look forward to your comments!! I so look forward to this little community forming!! COMMENT AWAY!!!

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IMAGINATION: We were created with a tremendous capacity to Imagine….to create worlds inside our minds, and then make them manifest in reality. We have earth shattering potential to move mountains. When we look at children we see in their ability to create worlds, to form spaces filled with light and hope and excitement and color…in which they fully and undoubtedly believe. We were meant for this. And it is up to us which medium we decide to use in our creative process. We can use jealousy, mistrust, skepticism, control, manipulation, and fear as our tools….and will create a world accordingly. This is our choice. It is not enforced upon us. We have an enemy constantly pursuing us to use such things as our creative medium…..Or we can choose the medium of joy, of hope, of love, of excitement, of anticipation, of surrender and humility and create a world accordingly. Which one will we choose. We are powerful beings given powerful potential. We have a blank canvas called our IMAGINATION we were given as a gift to write and paint and sketch and build upon. Will we surrender this gift to the wiles of the devil and give him control of our God given birthright and inheritance…..or will we take by force the power we all hold in our hands to create our worlds and paint them the colors we will inevitably paint them with. Which colors will you choose…which thoughts will you choose to dominate and rule and reign. Jesus came to show us this way. To show us which colors are best. May we choose the ones He would choose and have LIFE and all of the things our hearts as children dreamed! (feel free to share guys! xoxoxoxoxo)

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