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It is my passion to create meaningful designs and meeting the specific ideas and design challenges of each client, whether it be Engagement rings or Wedding bands, resetting and updating a current wedding set or creating a new heirloom piece. While working with a variety of resources and techniques to produce exactly what you as the client wants, I believe anything is possible and I love making it all possible within any budget.  My love of antique jewelry and the precious relationship that family heirlooms represent is my focus as I create unique pieces that will be passed down for ages to come.  

Send custom inquiries to We can talk about what you're looking for, what your budget needs are, if you have any stones or materials, and what the process will look like.  

Once we decide on a design the process usually takes between 4-6 weeks for completion.  A partial deposit is required before design work begins and then the rest upon completion.  If specific budget needs require a payment plan, that is also an option depending on the circumstances.  

This is my absolute favorite process because its so personal! Looking forward to meeting you and making your jewelry wishes come true!  Below, take a moment to browse the Aidah Collections: Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, New Custom & Custom Re-Design.

- Lindsay Cates, Owner & Designer

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